Outdoor Recreation Organizations and Associations


Here is a categorized list of outdoor recreation organizations & associations for all you recreation fans. These will get you started for getting involved in the outdoor hiking community as well as help you plan your backpacking trips.

Hiking and Backpacking Trail Organizations and Associations

  • American Hiking Society
    National hiking community that focuses on volunteerism (like NTD) and developing hiker-friendly legislation. Offers insurance for assistance in hiking emergencies.

  • Appalachian Mountain Club
    Protects and maintains more than 1,500 miles of trails in the NE, which includes about 350 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

  • Continental Divide Trail Alliance
    Works to complete the vision of a 3,100-mile backcountry trail stretching from Canada to Mexico, which is only about 70% usable in its current state.

  • North Country Trail Association
    Group that maintains 4,600 miles of the North Country National Scenic Trail thru volunteers and chapters.

  • Pacific Crest Trail Association
    Organization that promotes and protects the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

Government Land Management Agencies

  • National Park Service
    Manages the 392 recreation areas and parks that comprises our National Park System.

  • US Bureau of Land Management
    Manages 256 million acres of public lands mostly in the Western United States and Alaska.

  • US Forest Service
    Manages 193 million acres of land that make up our National forests and grasslands.

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    Manages over 150 million acres of 551 areas that are part of the National Wildlife Refuge System as well as other special management areas.

More Outdoor Organizations

Continue to the next page for a list of Environmental and Conservation Organizations. These groups are important to hikers and backpackers because of the work they do in fighting to protect and preserve our public lands and they offer you the chance to get involved.

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