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Mission Statement

The goal at Backcountry Attitude is to be one of the most informative backpacking and hiking related sites in the outdoor community. The overall general theme will be hiking and camping in a manner that minimizes impact on the outdoor environment.


Site News and Updates

Site News

The site recently got a facelift with a new layout to improve the user experience. If you experience any errors please let me know. You can see newly added pages or other updates here.


Site Contents Protected by Copyright. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.The contents of this site have Copyright protection. All Rights are Reserved and unauthorized duplication is prohibited. Please feel free to Link to the site but please do not hotlink my images. Contact me with any questions.


About Me

If you really want to know about me, well my name is Chris Conway and ....


Contact Info

Contact the SiteI can be contacted at rec_re8@hotmail.com . Questions are welcome and I also appreciate all feedback on the site. Please use a specific e-mail subject line so I don't mistake your message for SPAM.



Site History

This site got it's start in 1998 at Geocities as a list of some of my favorite pages. I eventually started creating my own content. I finally got my own domain on 11/21/09 after 11 years at Geocities. Sadly the initial transition reduced traffic by 74% but it slowly recovered although is was like basically starting from scratch. Part of the traffic wass due to Yahoo... I thought they would redirect all my subpages to the new domain but instead they have redirected them all to the main page. So much for an "upgrade".


How You Can Help the Site

Link 2 UsSpread the word and help this site GROW by Linking to the site. Links will help people learn about the low impact hiking and camping message that Backcountry Attitude believes so strongly in. You can also help out by suggesting pages to other websites where they would fit in and be useful resources. Also by bookmarking your favorite pages in your social bookmarking site of choice will help others discover this site. You can also suggest pages to Reddit or Digg or StumbleUpon, etc.

If you came from an old Geocities link out there please send a note to the webmaster to get them updated to make it easier for people find the web page they were navigating to.

By the way, I want to say THANKS to those people who have linked to the site, reported bugs on the site and who have also given their opinions of how to make the site better. It is appreciated!


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Privacy Policy

Every good site has one right?
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