Celebrating National Trails Day


In the United States, National Trails Day� (NTD) is the American Hiking Society's trail awareness program. Each year events are held to help promote awareness of the wide variety of benefits that trails provide, to encourage people to discover their local trails, to raise awareness of trail issues, and to instill excitement for the outdoors. National Trails Day � is held every year on the first Saturday in June, although some local events could be held on other dates.

The 2017 National Trails Day will be held on Saturday, June 3rd.

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The theme for National Trails Day 2012 was"America�s Largest Trailgating Party!".

The 2012 trail event marked the 20th anniversary of the American Hiking Society's trail awareness program. National Trails Day is still America�s largest trail celebration and it is still going strong after 20 years!

The theme for National Trails Day 2011 was Made With All Natural Ingredients The trails in our parks and forests are represented by natural ingredients such as trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, meadows, deserts, wild animals, etc. The 2011 theme encouraged us to connect with our local hiking clubs, outdoor retailers, federal land management agencies, or our local parks & recreation departments so that we could experience, appreciate & celebrate the "natural ingredients" that make up our favorite natural places.

The National Trails Day 2010 theme was Find Your Happy Place.
"Where do you go to find peace and quiet and make your troubles melt away? Do you bike to a historic site on a rail trail? Or hike to a mountain vista? Maybe you paddle to a swimming hole or walk in your local park?" The 2010 theme encouraged us to appreciate the outdoor places that make us happy.

Events on National Trails Day � can range from such activities as:

  • educational exhibits, (Leave No Trace, etc)
  • new trail dedications
  • gear demonstrations
  • instructional workshops
  • trail maintenance projects
  • group hikes
  • backpacking events
  • bicycle races
  • large-scale trail festivals with food, music, etc.

Why Participate in National Trails Day?

We get so much enjoyment from hiking or backpacking, etc. on our trails that we should take time to give back. Trails don't just randomly appear for our enjoyment. Development of new trails takes a lot of planning and labor. Land management agencies are frequently short on trail maintainers so why not volunteer to help maintain one of your favorite trails?

It's not too early to plan ahead... National Trails Day 2016 will be on Saturday June 2, 2018.