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Site Announcements:

site workYes it's 2014 and I'm still around but have just been busy with other projects. I still have plans to release new content, as well as a few tweets now and again. Since most of the new pages are related and or interconnected I want to wait until I finish them all before releasing them. I've got 20 pages mostly finished with about 10 to 15 more still to be created. As always newly added pages will be posted here.

On 1/15/11 I finally got around to changing the site name from "Chris' Outdoor Recreation Resources" to "Backcountry Attitude" to better reflect what the site is about. Don't forget to change your bookmarks, etc to the correct address.

New Pages Added:

1/27/15 new Added 10 Ways to "Trim the Fat" & Reduce Unnecessary Backpacking Gear page.

5/5/12 new Added Hiking in the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area page.

5/5/12 new Added Ultralight Titanium Trowel Backpacking Gear Project page.

5/5/12 new Added Using Catholes for Proper Backcountry Waste Disposal page.

5/5/12 new Added The Deep Woods Dump - How To Crap Outdoors page.

5/5/12 new Added The Top Wild Animals To Watch For On The Trail page.

5/5/12 new Added Wild Pigs are a Growing Threat to Hikers on the Trail page.

5/5/12 new Added How to Prevent and Survive a Mountain Lion Attack page.

5/5/12 new Added Calculating Your Pace and Pacing Distances page.

5/5/12 new Added What you Need to Know to Stay Safe when Hiking and Camping page.

5/5/12 new Added What Hikers Need to Know About Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac page.

4/28/12 Added 5 Ways Fireworks Ruin Our Natural Resources page

4/28/12 Added The Dark Side of Backpacking Campfires page

3/11/12 Added World Rivers Day page

9/12/10 Added Biodegradable Soap Brands and Reviews page

9/11/10 Added Issues that Affect the Backcountry page

9/11/10 Added Outdoor Community page

8/01/10 Added Conservation Organizations page

4/29/10 Added National Public Lands Day page

3/28/10 Added Backpacking recipes page

3/17/10 Added National Trails Day page

2/22/10 Added a new Leave No Trace categories page

Recent Page Updates:

1/27/15 Updated the Outdoor Community Calendar of Events page

6/14/14 Added to the Take a Stand Against Fireworks section on the fireworks pollute our natural environment page.

1/29/12 Updated National Trails Day page

5/21/10 Adjusted the backpacking with biodegradable soap page.

3/28/10 Minor additions to beach walking page.

3/19/10 Expanded info on preventing rope damage to trees page.

1/13/10 Added images to the survival psychology page.

1/03/10 Added images to the navigation in the backcountry page.

Boring Administrative Updates

7/8/23 Fixed things broke by my webhost, replaced social sharing.

10/22/11 Replaced the Backcountry Attitude top header image.

2/18/11 Made change to main page to allow images to load faster.

12/8/10 Updated 404 page with a funny bear scene which I had designed for me.

8/2/10 Added a favicon.

8/1/10 Revamped outdoor recreation organizations page.

2/25/10 Updated bad link to version on dealing with bears page.