Bear Safety : Dealing With Bears


Links to bear safety pages, tips and techniques to protect yourself & your food from bears, plus links to other pages about bears.

Protecting your Food from Bears

Bear Bagging Instructions Instructions on how to hang a bear bag to help safeguard your food.

Marrison Bear Bag System Illustrates several methods of bear bagging to help keep your food safe.

Protecting Your Food From Bears in the Backcountry Useful food storage tips and a link to illustrations of the counterbalance method.

Counter Balance Food Hang Method Has illustrations of the counterbalance technique.

Eric's Ultralight Backpacking Page Discusses the counterbalance bear-bagging technique & animal resistant bags.

Ultimate Bear Bag Test Helpful Backpacker Magazine review of the Ursack, a bear & critter resistant food bag. A stronger Ursack TKO model is available now.

Bear Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts when Traveling in Bear Country

Bear Etiquette Do's & Don'ts of wilderness bear encounters while hiking.

The Essentials For Traveling In Bear Country Info on bear behavior, how not to surprise bears, & what to do in a close encounter.

Tips When Entering Bear Country Bear behavior and people plus other tips if you're around bears.

Bears And You How to travel & camp smart without attracting bears & how to react to bears.

Bear Safety in Yellowstone Safety in bear country & minimizing dangers associated with bear encounters.

How to Handle Bear Encounters

Bear Manners: Getting Along in the Backcountry What to do in a trail encounter with a bear & some tips on preventing them.

Preventing and Surviving a Bear Attack

Proper Use Of Pepper Spray To Avoid Bear Attacks There is a right way and a wrong way to use bear spray.

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