Bear Bagging Instructions


Bear bagging systems are essential in safeguarding your food from bears or other animals. 50-70 ft of sturdy 1/8 to 1/4 inch braided nylon rope will work for your bear bags. I use about 60 feet of green 1/8 inch cord (darker rope is more difficult for bears to spot) for this particular bear bag system. There are other methods out there to protect your food from bears while backpacking but I happen to use this one a little more. Maybe when I have time I will use my primitive drawing skills and sketch some of the other bear bag examples.

Single Tree Branch Bear Bag Method

single tree bear bag diagram


Two Tree Bear Bag Method

2 tree bear bag diagram

Bear Bag Diagram Instructions

A) 1 end of the cord secured to the tree.

B) The other end will be the end to lower or raise your bear bag. If short on cord you can secure this end onto the other tree. If you let go of the rope the bag may come tumbling downward. When bringing the bag down make sure your cord does not get so elevated that you wont be able to reach it.

C) I tie a loop in the cord to so it's simpler to attach my bear bag.

D) Use biner to attach your bear bag to the loop on the cord.

E) Pack any items with an odor into the bear bag.

F) Hang the bear bag a minimum 12 ft up.

G) Hang the bag a minimum of 10 ft from vertical supports.

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