Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills


Wilderness survival and primitive skills information can be very useful. The following links will take you to good pages that will help you with survival in the wilderness and with developing primitive skills and techniques such as finding water and food, making shelters, fires, survival attitude and more.

Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills Articles

Attitude of Survival
Discusses the psychology of survival.

Wilderness Survival Priorities
In a survival situation you have to prioritize your actions.

Captain Dave's Survival Guide
Geared more to survivalists but has good information.

Equipped to Survive
Good place for survival equipment ideas. Also has a forum.

Finding Water and Making it Safe
Site gone but saved by archive.org. Still good ideas for survival water.

Food Insects Newsletter
Would you eat insects to survive? Practice at home.

Primitive Living Articles
Good variety of articles but sometimes archive.org doesn't load right away.

Survival Techniques For Staying Alive
Dig around for some good survival articles if you can get past the outdated layout and graphics.

Forage Ahead Wild Edible Plant Group
This is a Yahoo Group that requires you to sign in. Knowing Edible plants is am important survival skill.

Wilderness Survival
Overview of basic wilderness survival skills.

Wilderness Survival Lesson Plan: A Field Practicum
Ideas for an overnight survival training exercise.

Wilderness Survival Skills: Building the Debris Hut
Site gone but saved by archive.org. Survival shelter idea.

Wilderness Way Magazine
Magazine with many articles online about surviving off of the land and primitive skills.

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Other Survival Related Links

Bear Safety : Dealing With Bears
Your might need to protect yourself from bears in a survival situation.

Leave No Trace : Outdoor Ethics & Skills