Me, Myself, and I


Who is that Chris guy? Well, I'm one of those people who need the great outdoors for elbow room and to recharge. The more pristine the setting the better. Few things relax and rejuvenate me more than a cool breeze and a nice view in an area unabused by man.

Unfortunately it is rare nowadays to find a spot untainted by man so I try my best to take care of my favorite places.... by picking up trash, naturalizing impacted campsites, planting trees, etc. This website is one of the ways I try to protect nature ..... mainly through educating others how they can help protect and prevent damage to the outdoors themselves.

Feel free to send me e-mail but be sure to use a specific outdoor related subject line to prevent accidental deletion. I answer mail when I can.

Well, I hope you enjoy the site, and remember to Leave No Trace!