Protecting Trees from Rope Damage


Marks from rope on tree bark can be caused from the pressure of rope pulling tight against fragile tree bark or rope burn from rope moving across the bark. This damage can be caused from a hammock, clothes line, or a bear bag tied to a tree trunk, etc. Rope damage can happen to any type of tree but soft and thin bark trees like pines, spruce, birch, or aspens are especially prone to bark damage from your ropes. If you have a choice it is better to choose hardwood trees with thicker bark.

It is easy to prevent tree damage and Leave No Trace when camping. A simple item like a bandana or sock can make a big difference. There are also "tree hugger" straps made from nylon webbing that can more evenly distribute weight when using a hammock and prevent tree damage. Also for recreational tree climbing, friction savers or cambium savers are helpful in protecting fragile tree bark from damage.

Use a sock or two to protect tree bark from rope marks

Use a sock to protect tree bark from rope marks
Just FYI the knot used above is the tautline hitch and will hold tight under pressure.... thus helping to keep the tree safe from impact.

Bandanas are also useful to protect tree bark from rope marks

Use bandanas to protect tree bark from rope marks

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