Outdoor Recreation Safety


Whenever we go outside to recreate in the great outdoors, whether it be on a short dayhike or on an extended backpacking trip, our ultimate goal is to enjoy our time in nature while at the same time staying safe. Sometimes staying safe is about being properly prepared by carefully planning before an outing and other times it is about having knowledge about how to react in certain situations.

outdoor safety

General Health and Outdoor Safety

Outdoor Action Guide to Outdoor Safety Management How accidents occur and how to reduce them.

Wilderness First Aid Myths Improper 1st aid is dangerous.

Clothing Choices to Help Repel Biting Insects Some colors are better than others.

Hiker Safety Guidelines for hikers concerned about personal safety.

Prevention of Foot Problems During Hikes Info on avoiding foot problems.

Crossing Streams Safely Good tips for stream crossings.


Protecting Yourself from Animals

Bear Safety How to safely deal with bears on the trail.

How to Hang a Bear Bag Instructions on how to keep your food safe from bears.

The Top Wild Animals To Watch For On The Trail It is wise to be aware of animals that can potentially be dangerous.

Snakes and SnakebiteTreating and Preventing Venomous Bites Covers first aid for snakebites.

Information on Rattlesnakes Everything you may want to know about rattlesnakes.

Outdoor Safety and the Elements

heatOutdoor Action Guide to Heat Related Illnesses & Fluid Balance Reduce and treat heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Lightning Precautions for Hikers: Lightning Safety in the Outdoors Facts about and reacting to lightning threats.

hypothermiaOutdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia And Cold Weather Injuries How to recognize and treat hypothermia and frostbite.

mountain Outdoor Action Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illnesses Symptoms and treatment of acute mountain sickness,

poison ivy

Protecting Yourself from Poisonous Plants

What Hikers Need to Know About Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Helpful info on poison ivy and other poisonous plants.

Avoiding Viruses, Illnesses and Diseases

ticks Tick-Borne Illnesses Signs and symptoms of tick related illnesses.

Water-borne Illnesses

Cryptosporidium / Cryptosporidiosis Facts Info from the CDC.

Giardiasis (Beaver Fever) Facts Info on Giardia from the CDC.

wilderness survival

Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Primitive skills and wilderness survival information.

The Attitude of Survival The mental aspects of staying safe in an emergency.

Wilderness Survival Priorities Safety steps to follow in a survival situation.

waste disposal

Safely Disposing of Wastes

The Deep Woods Dump: How to Poop Outdoors You will eventually have to go...

Using Catholes for Proper Backcountry Waste Disposal Catholes are an acceptable method of disposal for certain wastes.

Even Biodegradable Soap Can Pollute Water Sources It's OK to use if used correctly.

Managing Human Waste In Camp Proper disposal of human waste is essential.

Misc Outdoor Safety Topics

Fireworks are an Environmental Safety Hazard Facts and research on the dangers of fireworks to the environment.

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