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Important dates and nationwide events in the Outdoor Community. Mark your calendar and get involved!

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2/7 - 2/12/15: Trails Advocacy Week: American Hiking Society’s 18th annual Hike the Hill Event

2/3/15 (Tues): Full Moon

2/18/15 (Weds): New Moon


3/5/15 (Thurs): Full Moon

3/8/15 (Sun): Spring forward 1 hour... Daylight Saving Time begins

3/20/15 (Fri): New Moon

3/20/15 (Fri): Vernal Equinox (Spring begins)


4/4/15 (Sat): Full Moon

4/18/15 (Sat): New Moon

4/19 - 4/25/15 (Week): National Environmental Education Week

4/22/15 (Mon): Earth Day

4/24/15 (Fri): National Arbor Day (last Friday in April depending on your State)


Note: May is National Preservation Month

5/3/15 (Sun): Full Moon

5/15 - 5/17/15 (Fri - Sun): Appalachian Trail Days

5/18/15 (Mon): New Moon

5/25/15 (Mon): Memorial Day


Note: June is Great Outdoors Month

6/2/15 (Tues): Full Moon

6/5/15 (Fri): World Environment Day

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6/6/15 (Sat): National Trails Day (first Saturday in June)

6/13/15 (Sat): National Get Outdoors Day

6/16/15 (Tues): New Moon

6/21/15 (Sun): Summer Solstice (1st Day Summer & Longest Day of Year)

6/27/15 (Sat): Great American Backyard Campout


7/1/15 (Weds): Full Moon


7/4/15 (Sat): 4th of July

7/15/15 (Weds): New Moon

7/31/15 (Fri): Full Moon


8/14/15 (Fri): New Moon

8/29/15 (Sat): Full Moon


Note: September is National Wilderness Month and National Preparedness Month

9/7/15 (Mon): Labor Day

9/13/15 (Sun): New Moon

9/23/15 (Weds): Autumnal Equinox (1st day Fall)

9/26/15 (Sat): National Public Lands Day (last Saturday of Sept)

9/27/13 (Sun): World Rivers Day (last Sunday in Sept)

9/27/15 (Sun): Full Moon (Harvest Moon)


10/12/15 (Fri): New Moon

10/27/15 (Fri): Full Moon


11/1/15 (Sun): Fall back 1 hour... Daylight Saving Time ends

11/11/15 (Weds): New Moon

11/25/15 (Weds): Full Moon


12/11/15 (Fri): New Moon

12/25/15 (Fri): Full Moon

12/22/15 (Tues): Winter Solstice (Shortest day of the year. Winter begins. Daylight now starts slowly increasing.)

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